Mail Processing Software for Your Postage Machine or Folder Inserter

Automate the creation of optical marks on documents before printing and send the right document to the right customer with the right insert. Merge different documents for the same customer into one envelope to save money on postage costs. And manage multichannel solutions to deliver information via physical mail, email, fax or the web. Create branding messages and advertising slogans on every envelope your company sends out. Analyze postal activities with details per mail class, operator or department. And benefit from the breakdown of your mail pieces and postal expenses by identify opportunities for postage savings.

Software for document preparation
OMS-200 Output Management Software

Get the Best from Your Folder Inserter to Enhance Your Customer Communications

The OMS-200 software solution simplifies and centralizes the preparation of all your customer communications for our...

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OMS-500 Powerful Multichannel Output Management Software

Web-based solution for multichannel management of customer communications

OMS-500 by Neopost is the new user-friendly and flexible software developed by Neopost Document Solutions. This intuitive, web-based solution provides...

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Envelope Messaging and Advertising

Create Your Slogan for Your Postage Machine Online (UK & USA only)

Personalize your mail pieces with NeoSlogan! From text messages to eye catching images and company logos, NeoSlogan customizes your mail pieces in minute...

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follow metering costs

Monitor, Track and Manage Your Postal Costs Online (UK & USA only)

The basic package includes information such as the total amount of money spent per month on postage and the total number of mail pieces processed. The...

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AIMS - Automated Insertion Management System Process
AIMS - Automated Insertion Management System

Mail Piece Integrity and Security

AIMS, combined with Neopost’s® proprietary Integrated Mail Operating System (IMOS), is your key to preventing those perils. AIMS from Neopost provides two...

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Mail Accounting Software
Mail Accounting Software

Maximise Your Mailroom Productivity With Our Mailing System Accounting Software

Neopost mailing system with integrated accounting software allows the consolidation from multiple machines in multiple locations, the data export in the...

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