Why Organizations Need to Invest in Mailing Compliance

Why Organizations Need to Invest in Mailing Compliance


A document is one of the most critical means of communicating with customers and often contains extremely personal information. The term “compliance” refers to the need to meet regulations regarding the handling of such data and correspondence. This ensures the right documents are inserted into the right envelopes and then sent to the right people.

The increase in regulatory compliance, particularly in the financial services sector, can be explained by the need for severe regulations following corporate accounting scandals that took place over 10 years ago. This means that banks and insurance companies today are a lot more accountable for the mail they send out. As a result compliance has become a major part of the conversation for organizations putting mail handling systems, such as output management software and intelligent folder inserters, into place. The healthcare industry is another area that takes compliance seriously.
Many health authorities have very high profile solutions in place to protect data and comply with patient compliance regulations when sending out for example appointment cards, medical kits and results to patients.

Check out our infographic for key dates in compliance.

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