The Role of Carriers in Omnichannel Fulfillment

The Role of Carriers in Omnichannel Fulfillment


Across the globe, there are a larger number of carriers than people realize. And carriers have a direct relationship with the cost of the shipment as well as the delivery time. By leveraging a mix of carriers, retailers can provide the best options and offer the most competitive shipping costs. Shipping software enables carrier selection based on time and transit, and also other intangibles such as service level. The biggest challenge carriers currently face is the ability to handle short-term peaks in volume during the holiday season. The right shipping software will provide flexibility and enable retailers to opt for different carriers.

Checklist for Choosing Your Carrier:

Excellent service

This is important for both buyers and shippers. The shipper may be a retailer, a dealer or a third party. Both shippers and buyers are looking for streamlined processes within the supply chain.


Global reach

With the growth of ecommerce it is necessary to choose a reliable carrier with global reach, in terms of network logistics. Finding the best transportation partner is crucial for retailers seeking to serve different needs across different geographies.


Customer experience

Retailers need to ask themselves, “How good is the fulfillment experience for my customer?” when examining different carriers.



Another element is convenience. The question to ask is, “How convenient is the omnichannel fulfillment experience for myself as a retailer as well as for my customer?



It is important to choose a carrier that invests in technology in order to enhance operations and customer service. This in turn enables retailers to differentiate their business from the competition. There are always two parties involved, those who send packages and those who receive them. It is important to choose a carrier that is capable of making sure that both sides of this equation are optimized. A premium carrier will be able to offer convenient technology and impeccable tracking ability, providing a high-end customer experience.


Carriers have many different types of customers. And as Ashley Boggs, Marketing Manager at UPS explains, “The shipper and the receiver are both important customers for us. We aim to delight both constituencies and do this by streamlining both the shopping and shipping process.”

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