Now You Can Pick Up Your Parcels 24/7

Now You Can Pick Up Your Parcels 24/7


Have you ever ordered something online and when you went to pick it up, the store or pick-up point was closed? Well if you live in the Var region in the South of France, you won’t have this problem anymore thanks to La Poste that has just opened a new package collection system. This parcel pick-up station operates 24/7, enabling consumers to pick up their orders at a time that suits them.

As e-commerce flourishes, shipping software is giving retailers a competitive advantage, packages are getting smaller and non-home delivery is gaining ground. Although there are many parcel pick-up points allowing easy collection during the opening hours of shops and other service points, La Poste has realized that this just isn’t enough. As consumers are increasingly demanding a "where I want, when I want" policy when it comes to picking up their parcels, La Poste has decided to launch its first automatic pick-up station in this region.


The Growth of Parcel Pick Up Points

GeoPost, the express delivery branch of the La Poste Group, is offering this service and six pick-up stations are due to be installed in the area. These facilities are already available in Ile-de-France, in the Paris area, and there are currently 200 pick-up stations available throughout the country. GeoPost is planning to roll out 1,000 by the end of 2016.

Picking Up Packages Quickly

Once a parcel is placed in the box by the postal worker, the customer who made the purchase online receives two codes 10 minutes after delivery, by e-mail and text message, allowing him or her to pick up the parcel.

As one local customer explains "This means I can come by when I want, as I choose, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at any time and without depending on anyone else. Even if a trader might be open for hours, parcel pick-up here will be even more practical. I can park nearby and come and pick up my parcel quickly.

Improving the Customer Experience for Online Shoppers

Just a word of warning however; the pick-up deadline is three days. If the customer can't get to the pick-up station within a period of 3 days, the parcel is then taken to a nearby office and the customer still has approximately 10 days to collect it. La Poste in France is certainly revolutionizing the approach to picking up parcels, making life easier for online shoppers and improving the customer experience.

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