The Brain Prefers Paper

Do You Believe the Brain Prefers Paper?


Do you think that people understand and remember text on paper better than on a screen? Are you under the impression that screens are more cognitively and physically taxing than paper? And do you believe that digital natives are more likely to recall the storyline of a novel when they read it on paper because e-readers are too distracting? Read this paper from Scientific of American to find out what studies on the subject reveal.

This subject is very close to our heart here at Neopost as we believe in the importance of embracing both digital and physicl mail. With over 2 billion people connected to the Internet, customers today are active across many channels. They read their emails, check their text messages, "like" on social media, share videos and visit websites, wikis and web portals. But for certain communications, such as transaction mail, paper still has an important role to play. You may have already decided you need to invest in a multichannel communications platform. Or maybe your are not so sure. Whatever questions you may have this white paper will help you think about how to manage effective customer communications, regardless of the channel. 


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