Mobile rfid solutions

Mobile rfid solutions: keep track of goods on the go with rfid technology

Rfid has been a feature of the logistics landscape for some time now. Mobile rfid solutions are the latest development in this trend. Parcel delivery, postal communications and data management specialist Neopost is very much in the vanguard of this movement.

Mobile rfid solutions are perfect for stock management purposes and for keeping track of the movement of goods in and out of your company’s premises.

This technology is used by Neopost as an integral part of our shipping and supply chain traceability business. In addition to data capture tools, we produce a comprehensive collection of tracing products. These are based upon Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

The use of mobile RFID offers tremendous advantages to business:

  • A potential reduction in the number of fixed RFID gates
  • Greater flexibility
  • Faster reception of deliveries
  • Mobility

Neopost’s rfid technology is just part of a wider range of solutions that may be found in the  ‘products and solutions’ section of our website.

Mobile rfid solutions

Mobile rfid solutions are on your doorstep, thanks to Neopost’s global presence

Neopost’s mobile rfid solutions are used across the globe – which is unsurprising, given that our company has a worldwide presence.  For this reason, the application has been produced in both French and English language versions, with other languages available on request. 

Fully compliant with the EPC-UHF standard, Neopost mobile rfid solutions are also compatible with EPCglobal standards. This application may be used with Windows CE and Windows Mobile platforms.

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