Monitor, Track and Manage Your Postal Costs Online (UK & USA only)

The basic package includes information such as the total amount of money spent per month on postage and the total number of mail pieces processed. The enhanced version covers how much is being spent by department. And the consolidated offer brings together postage data from multiple sites. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to save costs, improve efficiency and recover processing costs for your postage operations.

Combined With Your Postage Machine, This New Web-based Software is The Perfect Solution for Monitoring, Tracking and Controlling Postal Costs

Manage your mail activity smoothly

NeoStats enables graphical monitoring (bar or pie chart) of postal activities with details per mail class, operator, department...
Do you need a quick overview of your mailing activity over the last year? Just look at the main dashboard! Key reports are pre-defined; you can also export data for your additional analysis and reporting. You can easily print reports or send them by email.
NeoStats is always accessible through the web using a login and password.

Achieve significant postage savings

The breakdown of your mail pieces & expenses, e.g. by mail class, will help you identify opportunities for postage savings.
Is priority mail always a must? NeoStats will help you select the most appropriate rate to estimate how much your company can save. Moreover this solution enables you to identify peak periods at a glance, for better business planning.


Postage Meter Compatibility

NeoStats is available for our range of IS, IM and IN postage machines

Internet Browsers

Internet Explorer 10 or +

Chrome or Mozilla

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