The Easy-To-Use Folder Inserter that Grows with Your Business

Do you have to deal with expanding needs in your mailroom? Then the compact DS-85 automatic paper folding machine can help you out. The DS-85 is just right for your business. Whatever application you come across, the DS-85 handles them all. Should applications change or evolve, you know that your investment is protected, because the DS-85 can easily be expanded or upgraded.

A Folding Inserting Machine to Maximize Mailroom Productivity

To avoid stoppages and maximize efficiency, the folder inserter diverts duplicate or faulty documents before folding while the system is still running. The high capacity vertical stacker will reduce incidences of unloading, thus enabling other tasks to be done in the meantime. It requires less handling and makes it possible to unload up to 500 envelopes every 8 minutes while running at maximum speed. The DS-85 will adjust all settings automatically and even save them on the memory for instant recall.


Main Details

Speed: Up to 4,000/hour
Document feeder capacity: up to 725 sheets 80 gsm ;
Envelope feeder capacity: 325
Set thickness: 2.5 mm


Base (6 stations):
Length x Height x Depth: 1,820 x 925 x 420 (mm)
Weight: 110kg

environmental friendly mailing solution

The DS-85 Carries Neopost’s Eco Label

With the DS-85, Neopost has reached a new level of efficiency mostly due to the automatic standby mode. The DS-85 is also compliant with environmental regulations (ErP, REACH, RoHS and WEEE).
ENERGY: The DS-85 saves up to 75%* of the energy (in average use: 37%) due to automat...

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