The Intelligent High-Performance Folder Inserter that Optimizes your Mail Processing

Whatever your business requirements, the DS-1200 production folder inserter can be configured with the appropriate modules. Should your organisation grow and change its needs, you can be rest assured that you can simply upgrade or expand your solution to suit. All modifications can be carried out on-site, usually in less than a day.

Even changing envelope sizes and insert thickness is handled completely automatically by the system, in less than the time it takes to load the hoppers. The simplicity of the software means that any operator can run the folding inserting system efficiently. All aspects of the DS-1200 are designed to ensure efficiency in your mailroom. Input hoppers are high capacity, and after insertion the envelopes are vertically stacked ready for loading directly into mail trays. It even comes with a remote control to save the operator returning to the touch screen.

Select and Adapt Your Folding Inserting System to Your Needs

The DS-1200 G3 production folder inserter is the third generation of the most flexible, efficient and easy-to-use mail inserting system on the market.
Available with several insertion and accumulation speed options, as well as a wide range of feeding modules and reading capabilities, Neopost has a configuration to suit every need. Whether your applications are transactional, marketing or highly personalized, the DS-1200 G3 will help you process them with efficiency, accuracy and unrivalled integrity.

Secure Your Documents and Ensure Mail Quality

Each feeder on the inserter calibrates the first document fed and checks each subsequent document to guarantee no double-feeds. When reading BCR, 2d, or OCR, the system generates a log of the progress of each document to ensure accurate completion of each job and provides links to document management software.

As documents are passed from module to module, creating the finished mailpiece, an electronic log is simultaneously created to record the precise progress of each document. As each process is successfully carried out, a confirmation is sent back along the modules, allowing the next process to be commenced.

Combine Your DS-1200 Folder Inserter with AIMS for Automated Insertion

Businesses today face a multitude of regulatory issues and customer demands to guarantee the integrity of sensitive business communications. Failure to meet those diverse standards could result in substantial financial loss and jeopardize hard-won customer relationships.
AIMS, combined with Neopost’s® proprietary Integrated Mail Operating System (IMOS), is your key to preventing those perils. AIMS from Neopost provides two mail solutions in one: real time information and statistics to manage your mail center and a new window into your operation. The AIMS application delivers peace of mind, value and the level of reliable service you deserve. Its fast verification capability confirms that every piece of mail in your job has been processed accurately, providing complete “closed loop,” piece-level integrity.

DS-1200 Production Folder Inserter testimonial
Having compared the different functionalities during a factory visit, we finally opted for the DS-1200 from Neopost. Its output capacity (featuring four feeders), its flexibility of use (with vertical delivery system) and its reasonable price were decisive factors for us.

Daniel Corre, Manager of Hosting and Related Services Department at SIB




Touch screen PC control
Speed: Up to 12,000 envelopes/hour
Set thickness: Up to 8 mm
Job memory: Unlimited
Document feeder capacity: 5,000 or 2,000 (optional)
Envelope feeder capacity: 2,000

System specification

Width x Depth x Height: 3,800mm x 3,400mm x 1,350mm
Weight: 1,680 kg
Based on a 6 stations configuration, ask for detailed footprint drawing based on your configuration.
All material specifications may be subject to limitations due to machine configuration and document
combinations. Extreme variations in materials may require minor operator intervention.

DS-1200 Production Folder Inserter testimonial

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