Data cleansing - clean customers database

Data cleansing – clean customersdatabase: Neopost has an array of solutions to help you ensure your records are both relevant and accurate

Data is dynamic and never stands still, just like the individuals behind it. Yet whilst it’s widely recognized that data needs to be constantly updated, people are less aware of the issues behind data cleansing. Also known as data cleaning or even data scrubbing, this consists of maintaining a clean customer database by getting rid of or cleaning up so-called ‘dirty data’.

Neopost manages data - with a particular focus on customer data accuracy and integrity - along with print mail and shipping and tracking solutions. Data cleansing is a thoroughgoing procedure consisting of correcting or even entirely removing inaccurate information or information that is no longer relevant. This procedure, which enables a company to clean customer database records, takes place after data entry has already been carried out.

There are a number of data management packages offering this kind of service, specifically targeting the customer information management field.

Data cleansing

Data cleansing – clean customer database: the holy grail of the ‘single customer view’

When it comes to data cleansing and keeping a clean customer database, the end goal is usually to create a ‘single customer view’. This means having one – and only one - record for each client containing all their relevant data. This data will be up to date, accurate and relevant.

Maintaining this clean customers database will require the use of suppression services such as the UK’s ‘National Change of Address’ database or even the bereavement register. These actions have to be performed on an ongoing basis throughout the life cycle of the data in question.

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