Neopost’s Factory in the UK

Neopost Technologies Ltd in Loughton manufactures mid-range folder inserters and the DS-1200 high-end folder inserter for large volume users. The factory also produces pressure sealers and folder inserter related equipment. Loughton’s main customers include service companies, government departments, banks and insurance companies, all with intense processing needs.

Specialists in High-End Folder Inserters

Loughton’s products have an 8-10 year life cycle and each machine is purpose-built with customized solutions involving software. The factory is a self-contained unit, responsible for design, production and distribution. The most popular model at Loughton is the DS-200 folder inserter, an excellent mid-range machine designed to meet the needs of high-end mail centers.

Loughton At A Glance

  • 130 full-time employees
  • Assembly of production mail solutions
  • Production of sheet metal and turned parts
  • Spare parts and supply management for the UK
  • Quality management and product approvals


“Our goal is to design, develop, manufacture and support state-of-the-art, world leading Document Systems and Solutions.”

Simon George, Site Director

A Commitment to R&D

A dynamic R&D team works at Loughton to enhance mailroom productivity and efficiency through cutting-edge technologies and solutions. These 30 experts are the brains behind the designs and represent one of the major strengths of the site. The R&D team has a very close working relationship with the production teams and its customer-centric approach enables it to come up with solutions to meet market needs.

The Vision for the Future

Neopost Technologies in Loughton is committed to pursuing continuous improvement in the years ahead by being more efficient and producing more of the same products with better features and functions.